Growing in London

Jan Jakubowski
Jan Jakubowski
Growing in London

Vitelloni Content House is reaching out to the UK market. Trent Payne will be joining the team and leading development and growth activities.

We have always had an international mindset. Cross border work and interacting with other cultures is where we thrive and what we enjoy. We also believe that our ways of working, culture, processes, and ruthlessnesses in working towards a perfect delivery allows us to grow not only in the CEE but also in more demanding markets.

We know London. We’ve lived and worked in the UK’s capital. Our good understanding of the UK market enables us to prepare a strong offering in content production for demanding clients. Establishing ourselves in London and continuing production and execution of content in the CEE brings together the best of both worlds.

We do believe that being close to our clients is essential. This is why we will be growing our presence on the ground in London. To kick start this journey and a new chapter in our growth we are very happy to welcome on board Trent Payne. Not only is Trent a Londoner and understands local requirements better than anyone, but he also brings genuine international experience after spending time working with brands in local markets all around the world.

Exciting times ahead.

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