Distribute Globally, Produce Locally (in Poland)

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Jan Jakubowski
Jan Jakubowski
Distribute Globally, Produce Locally (in Poland)

With the right processes and tools cross border content production has never been easier. Vitelloni is equipped to deliver quality content for UK clients leveraging our production base in Poland.

I believe we really have to accelerate cross border thinking when it comes to content production. The typical and natural behaviour for every client is to reach out to agencies or content production outfits close to home. It makes sense on many levels, gives a level of comfort through the mirage of availability. But it also has its constraints, cost being one of them.

At Vitelloni we have always been structured in a way to support clients from all over Europe. We have an outpost in London which will soon grow to a full-fledged office. Our cadre is multilingual and fluent in English, French, and Spanish. We are mobile, having experience with production all over the world, from Peru to Germany and from Senegal to the UK.

Of course, not only our mindset and experience enable us to deliver quality content remotely. We invest in tools which enable efficient, collaborative online work on creating content. Our in house solutions promote flexibility and make office work obsolete.

This all translates into efficiency and effectiveness of execution but it also enables us to locate parts of the production process where it makes the most sense, both from access to talent as well as optimal cost perspective.

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