About us

We are a content production house. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in storytelling which is paramount in everything we do. We apply our expertise and the principles of creative production to the benefit of our clients. We produce advertising and other communications across all industries and all media. We strive to be the first choice for marketing execution focusing on speed and quality of delivery as well as innovative solutions and unique processes. Our methodology enables efficient creation and control of the process from brief to delivery. We automate where we can but never to the detriment of our talent and end product.

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We bring beautiful stories to life. Our expertise in internet, TV and Film production extends from commercial productions to television series, documentaries and full feature films. Our unique approach and efficient workflow enables better utilisation of resources and a smoother production process. We care about our clients’ budget just as we care about our own. Our learning workflow ensures that every step of our process is carefully analysed and reviewed to maximise efficiencies.

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We produce high quality, innovative advertising content. We provide solutions for brands. On television, on the internet, be it branded content or live streaming we will structure our solutions to bring your brand to life. While others are stuck on the IF’s and WHAT’s we concentrate on the HOW: we provide an integrated production solution, from creating and curating the idea to its development and execution. We help you build the story of your brand.

Vitelloni Digital Claim, We Love Making Creative Content
Vitelloni Digital Claim, We Love Making Creative Content
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We provide business solutions supporting growth through innovation. We help you uncover the story of your business growth. Today’s business requires an innovative approach, reaching in new directions. We suggest new ways of working, breaking boundaries and inspiring to do tings differently. With storytelling as the common thread, we believe uncovering the true story of your business is a key to growth.

Our Team

Profile picture of Krzysztof Jakubowski, Vitelloni Content House Owner and Producer
Krzysztof Jakubowski
Profile picture of Jan Jakubowski, Vitelloni Content House Owner and Producer
Jan Jakubowski
Profile picture of Trent Payne, Vitelloni Content House Creative Director
Trent Payne
Creative Director, Head of London Office
Profile picture of Wacław Marszałek, Vitelloni Content House Producer
Wacław Marszałek
Profile picture of Iwona Lenicka, Vitelloni Content House Art Director
Iwona Lenicka
Art Director

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