A Few Words About Digital Content

Krzysztof Jakubowski
Krzysztof Jakubowski
A Few Words About Digital Content

One of the things I love most about the everyday-changing technology era are the catchphrases. New terminology shows up every day: some words, that our parents’ generations never even dreamt of using are pretty much like air to anyone surfing the web, even if not everybody really understands them. Or if they have more than one meaning.

One of my favourite examples is the magical word ‘digital’, heavily used in the advertising business. I hear it a couple of times every day with different meanings attached, based on who is using it. For anyone in the tech business it’s just a boring nontangible aspect, for many agencies and marketers it’s basically any kind of content one can use in social media, while for producers it’s video content that will be aired only on the internet. It’s very often the same kind of content you would provide for ATL, the only difference being the budget is usually twice or three times smaller.

But most importantly, I think that every time you want to talk digital and narrow it down to the advertising business, digital should be followed by content, because at the end of the day, the kind of content you use, whether it is in digital, or anywhere else, will define you and your brand.

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